Dream On

Website Design

Basic Website Design

  • Unique Platform Design
  • Web Responsive Design
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy Management

Our team will design for you a website that is unique, optimized, user-friendly and maintaining it over time.

The website will be web responsive, that means it will function on all electronic devices such as mobile phone, tablets, laptops and computers.

Google analytics will be also be implemented inside your website.

This will allow you to identify who are your customers and how to reach out to your potential customers in the market.

Our “standard plan” is designed for small businesses or individuals which requires only one update per month. Our “business plan” is ideal for small to medium sized businesses which requires weekly updates to their website. Our “premium plan” is perfect for larger organizations where frequent updates are required.

* Contact us to get details for website design packages


  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • Product Photography
  • Listings of Products

We offer implementation of e-commerce into your website. That means that you can show and sell your desired products in your website.

Our team will help set-up a payment gateway setup in your website for payment actions. Not only that, we also offer service for taking quality photos of your products or a eye-catching video of your business premise to boost sales.

We will have our trusted manager to co-operate with you and discuss details in regards to these services.

* Contact us to get details for E-commerce packages

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